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Theory—A Note from Ari Roth, Founding Artistic Director

Dear Mosaic Friends:

Toward the end of the day yesterday, on a moving Day of Atonement, I came into the Atlas for a special design run-through of our fast-approaching Theory, our American premiere of Norman Yeung's "techno-thriller" about free speech on a college internet discussion board gone haywire. I couldn't have been more exhilarated, enthralled and inspired by what I saw, with two weeks still to go before first preview! Sure, I was still fasting, but I felt full with hope and emotion, and eager to share the news with you ASAP that we're cooking up something extraordinary in our rehearsal room!

Our Associate Artistic Director, Victoria Murray Baatin, is making her directorial debut with this play and she's delivering a tour de force exposé of the faculty-student relationship and its volatility around the teaching of a new curriculum. This is a play for anyone with big ideals who's experienced backlash. It's for anyone who's been a teacher, who's trusted in their students a bit more than they should have. And it's a play for everyone young who worries about authority that doesn't know how to handle the brave new technologies that can trigger emotional mayhem.

"You keep pushing your liberal agenda, someone will push back," is just one of the prophetic messages left on the blackboard that portends real danger for our utopian teacher, Isabelle. And all sides of the debate are given full voice by another stellar ensemble. Musa Gurnis (Les Deux Noirs) is Isabelle, married to her mentor, the tenured professor, Lee (Andrea Harris Smith) as they are barraged with comments, emails, and then visits, to the office and then the home from their formidable, and rarely polite students (Josh Adams, Benairen Kane, Camilo Linares, and Tyasia Velines) and they are all spectacular in representing a diverse student body. Tony K. Nam returns to Mosaic (following his role in Sooner/Later) as the department chair, Owen, who gets caught in the middle, standing up for both an accused student and his besieged faculty.

What I want to tell you now is this: This is a play you'll love because it's about love, between married professors who disagree about how to open up young minds. And it's a play about fear that will scare you because you don't know which of these young minds are going strike out in sharp rebuke. It's a play I urge you to see, and to bring friends with to talk about it. It's one of the sleepers of the year, I promise. Previews start in 13 days!

Redeem your subscription vouchers, buy an extra Mosaic 6, or get those single tickets now!

Ari Roth, Founding Artistic Director


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