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Jim Clingman

Today on #DreamProject, we are featuring Jim Clingman! Clingman is someone who has followed his dreams to the fullest extent. Having worn multiple hats while working in various fields, he made sure that the work he did would have an impact. Clingman is very #passionate about the state of the #Black race and has dedicated most of his life #educating (writing and speaking) others on economic empowerment in the Black community. Clingman is the definition of not being afraid to not only follow your #dreams, but #change direction. Read more about what his dreams were below: "As a teenager I had dreams of playing #basketballon a higher level, furthering my #singingopportunities, and #traveling across the country. Of course, my main dream was to have a job that allowed me to travel and live on my own. I have had several jobs and changes in career direction. I started out working at the Post Office, then went into banking via being accepted into a management training program; continued in banking and credit for five years and then went into counseling at-risk #teenagers and ex-offenders, managing employment and training programs, and then went back to the private sector to work for a marketing firm. After that, I went back into #social services and finally started my own consulting business. Don’t be afraid of your dream, #embrace it; and never allow anyone to talk you out of it or discourage you to the point that you begin to doubt yourself. Write it down and put some energy, time, and thought into it every day. Remember: “It’s your dream, no one else’s.” While others will help you, do not rely on them to get you to finish line. You must invest in your dream by working on it. Set measurable goals and write them down. A #goal is a dream with a #deadline. You may not reach your specific goal exactly when you planned to, but all you need to do is #adjust the deadline. Failure is a part of reaching for your goals and dreams; learn from your failures. The road to #success is paved with failures." Don't miss out on the story of kids who are striving to reach their dreams against all odds; pick up your tickets for #MilkLikeSugar at http://bit.ly/MilkLikeSugarTickets! #Mosaic #WhenIWas16 #MyDreamAt16 #MLS#MosaicMLS #LetGirlsLearn #Finance#FinancialLiteracy #CommunityEmpowerment#BlackExcellence #BlackEconomics #Economics#BlackMen



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