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#SatchmoFactoftheDay 4

#MusicMonday Today’s #SatchFact also happens to be a Scat Fact! During a famous recording, #LouisArmstrong allegedly dropped his music and improvised. At one point in “Heebie Jeebies”—a 1926 song released by Armstrong and his "Hot Five” band—the singer vocalizes a series of nonsensical, hornlike sounds. Music #historiansrecognize this as the first popular, mass-market #scat ever recorded. #Ironically, Armstrong later wrote the whole thing off as a big blunder on his part.

In a 1951 interview with @esquire Armstrong claimed to have come prepared with printed lyrics that day. Midway through the recording session, he accidentally dropped them and #scatted to fill the ensuing silence. “Sure enough,” he explained, “they… [published] ‘Heebie Jeebies’ the same way it was mistakenly recorded.” It's also worth noting that even though he brought it into popularity, Armstrong in no way invented the #technique, which dates back to at least 1906. This #satchmofactoftheday was brought to you by @mental_floss! #SatchmoFactofDay #Satchmo #LouisArmstrong #BlackHistory #LittleKnownBlackHistoryFact #jazz#neworleans #theater #theatrearts #blackarts#MosaicSatchmo #Mosaic


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