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SAT. JAN 9 | Post-Show Discussion Featuring Aaron Shneyer of Heartbeat and Paul Costello of NSL

Following the 8:00PM performance, join us for a discussion featuring Aaron Shneyer of Heartbeat and Paul Costello of NSL.


Aaron Shneyer is the Founder and Executive Director of Heartbeat, a nonprofit social enterprise using music to empower Israeli and Palestinian youth to transform conflict, which he launched in 2007 as a Fulbright-mtvU Fellow.

In 2005 he graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Anthropology and has since worked as a program leader and dialogue facilitator with various youth empowerment and civil society peace-building efforts. After living in Jerusalem for six years, in 2012 Aaron returned to Washington, DC, to complete a Masters degree in Social Enterprise at American University’s School of International Service, where he was also a Social Enterprise Fellow.

Aaron has performed and presented on the role of music and youth in conflict transformation at institutions across the US and Europe including Yale, Brown, Georgetown, Harvard, and other universities as well as the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, TEDxAmerican University, and the US Department of State. Aaron writes, produces, and performs with various music ensembles. More at www.heartbeat.fm


HEARTBEAT unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, de-velop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Founded in 2007 under a Fulbright-mtvU fellowship, Heartbeat transforms conflict by uniting Israeli and Palestinian youth to build critical understanding and harness the tools of music and popular media to become agents of change. Engaging in an ongoing music, dialogue, and empowerment process, Heartbeat youth musicians uncover their skills in creativity and leadership to imagine possibilities, ask questions, and publicly address systemic problems — partnering to build a safe, equitable future.

Heartbeat’s core program, Heartbeat: Amplifying Youth Voices, focuses on the establishment and facilitation of two ensembles of young Palestinian and Israeli musicians (ages 14-22 years old) who come together weekly for sustained music-based dialogue programs in Haifa and Jerusalem. Meeting each week throughout the course of the school year, Heartbeat youth musicians co-create music and engage in facilitated dialogue to raise critical understanding about the harsh realities surrounding them. The musicians then bring their eye-opening, inspiring music and understanding into their com- munities through concerts, workshops, and multimedia publications. All Heartbeat programs are over 95% scholarship-based, ensuring equal access to all. When musicians graduate from high school, they become members of the Heartbeat Graduate Program and continue their cooperative effort indefinite- ly. Currently, Heartbeat has two bands of Graduate musicians.


President, Founder and CEO, Paul Costello is an educator, writer and recognized world expert and leader in the area of narrative practice. In addition to his role as founding director of The Centre for Narrative Studies, he has also designed a number of training and leadership programs that use the power of stories for transformative change, most notably as the architect behind the innovative narrative design of the 2000-2007, Washington Ireland Program. He was also the founder of Rosies, Friends on the Street, a street outreach to the homeless that operates in 6 cities in Australia, and more recently, the South African Intern Program in 2006. In 2008, when he retired from these intern programs, he received recognition from the United States 110th Congress and the Northern Ireland Assembly for his contribution to peace and reconciliation and for developing a powerful narrative way of peace-building. He holds degrees in History, Divinity, Education and an MFA from American University and he has recently published “The Presidential Plot”, a book on how stories shape American political and cultural life.


New Story Leadership Inc. (NSL) is an American based 501(c)3 charity registered in the State of Maryland (EIN # 27-1076407). Founded in 2009 by Paul Costello with Joyce Schwartz and a group of alums from its sister Irish and South African programs, NSL selects young emerging leaders from Palestine and Israel and trains them into a team ready to help build a better future for their two communities. By giving them an experience of living, working and learning together over a summer in Washington DC, NSL sparks a new story of possibility and challenges the prevailing mood of cynicism and despair. Utilizing an innovative curriculum based on the transformative power of stories, NSL promotes the personal and professional development of each student and teaches them how to become agents of change. Ten students, five from Israel and five from Palestine, come to Washington DC every summer for an intensive program of workshops, conferences, seminars, professional work exposure, cultural immersion and team training. Their learning is focused on acquiring a 21st century skill-set to become social entrepreneurs. In the course of the program, each student develops his or her own Project for Change that they intend to implement when they return home. In this way, NSL gives students a chance to apply what they learn and builds the momentum for change on the ground.

NSL is organized and managed by a constituted Board of Directors that is headed by Mr Paul Costello who has been an international educator for most of his career. Further information relating to the board members, founding participants and advisers can be located in the Who is NSL section of this website.

We encourage you to explore the NSL website to see more of what NSL is about and to see what we have done in the past five years including our new section on the Projects for Change located in the Impact section. We encourage you to visit the Wall of Stories section to hear our amazing students share their personal stories of how they have chosen to reject the endless cycle of mistrust and actively seek an alternative way. Let their stories change you.



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